Fortifying the Future of the Patient Experience

At RMF, we've brought innovative design solutions to the mounting demands of modern healthcare facilities for decades. We approach every partnership and project with a relentless determination rooted in our passion for elevating the standards of patient care, powered by a mastery of engineering. From compounding pharmacies to intensive critical care centers, we excel in the design of best-in-class healthcare facilities and utility infrastructure. Each of the projects in our portfolio embraces the latest advancements in medical technology, harnesses advanced energy management tools, leverages renewable and efficient fuel sources, and streamlines campus operations.

Fully Coordinated for Functionality

Our expertise lies in optimizing medical facilities on healthcare campuses––along with their central energy facilities and distribution networks––ensuring safety and ease of maintenance while providing flexibility, resilience, and high reliability. Recognizing the fast-changing nature of healthcare, our designs help to streamline operations when any piece of equipment must be taken offline, whether planned or unplanned, to be serviced, upgraded, or replaced with minimal disruption to the facility. We also work closely with project architects to employ innovative techniques that seamlessly integrate these functions with their vision. By doing so, we enable patients and providers to focus on healing rather than interruptions.

The Forefront of Innovation

We are dedicated to bringing quality care to communities, addressing their specific needs on all types of inpatient, outpatient and specialty care facilities. We also recognize the growing demand for mental and behavioral health facilities, commercial conversions, and children's hospitals. Leveraging advanced tools, iterative design processes, and cutting-edge solutions such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and advanced energy modeling, our experts have an extensive track record of balancing complex project objectives with resiliency and reliability –– all in service of the patient experience, whatever the desired service or location.