Duke Health

Generator Hub

Duke Health required a solution to support 950,000 SF of new and existing bed towers. The 7,000 SF Anlyan Generator Utility Building (Gen HUB) features new electrical infrastructure equipment rooms and mechanical spaces on the lower level with multiple generators, paralleling gear, ATS, substations, other miscellaneous electrical equipment and a raised control room on the upper level of this two story building. The building contains three 2.75MW diesel combustion generators and was designed to ultimately accommodate three 4MW generators.

The building is sited adjacent to patient bed locations and a cafeteria making acoustics and airflow analysis critical factors in the design. Three exhaust ducts from the Generator Hub run over the roof of the Generator Hub Building to the adjacent Anlyan tower and up the exterior face. Special consideration has been taken in the design and layout of the facility to eliminate direct line of site of any opening in the building to the generators which greatly aids in the reduction of noise pollution which includes 10 feet of inline sound attenuators.

LocationDurham, North Carolina

ServicesDistrict Energy


RMF worked closely with the architect and landscape architects to provide a building that was low profile and aesthetically pleasing in a very visible area to patients and staff.

Generator HubDuke Health