The Ohio State University

Campus Utility System Modernization

Since 2007, RMF has been continuously providing the design, construction administration, and commissioning of Ohio State’s campus-wide utility projects to keep pace with the rapidly growing campus.

The new 96,000 SF LEED silver certified South Campus Central Chiller Plant was designed to provide 30,000 tons of cooling for more than one million square feet of new medical center facilities. The 15,000 ton East Regional Chilled Water Plant was built to deliver added cooling capacity to residence halls, laboratories, research, and classroom buildings in the northeast portion of the campus.

LocationColumbus, Ohio

ServicesDistrict Energy, Thermal & Electrical Utilities

MarketHigher Education

RMF provided design and construction oversight for nearly four miles of utility systems have been buried beneath the main campus in multiple phases, including steam and condensate, chilled water, medium voltage electric distribution, telecommunications, sewers, domestic water, and medical gas. RMF was contracted to design the rehabilitation of the Lower W. 12th Avenue tunnel. The design included six different maintenance of traffic phases to maintain one-lane one-way traffic for inbound emergency vehicles. The restoration effort of this project, went above and beyond a restore in-kind, included planting 59 Ohio native trees, installing a section of concrete sidewalk and widening the portion of sidewalk over the tunnel from roughly six to eight feet wide to 10 feet wide.

One of the firm’s first projects with the newly formed Ohio State Energy Partners, RMF designed repairs for utility tunnels under The Oval and Annie and John Glenn Avenue. The project consisted of upgrading and repairing 3,500 linear feet of 1900s-era brick tunnels, including the repair or replacement of high- pressure steam, pumped condensate return, chilled water, domestic chilled water, and heating hot water piping

Campus Utility System ModernizationThe Ohio State University