University of Massachusetts Amherst

North Plant and Polymer and ISB Chiller Plant Upgrades

While the UMass campus anticipated steady growth in construction on campus, RMF was commissioned to develop the Comprehensive Campus Energy Plan. As a result of the study, upgrades to two plants were recommended to connect new and additional existing buildings to the centralized chilled water systems.

The new North Plant was built over the existing and undersized Polymer Plant site in a parallelogram arrangement to improve the view corridor from the center of campus to distant hills and mountains to the northwest of campus. Glass was used extensively at the pedestrian level in the exterior walls, to allow technology on display to serve an educational purpose, and to enhance operations.

Improvements at the Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) Plant included the addition of a new 3,500 ton field erected cooling tower. At the North Plant, three 1,600 ton field erected cooling towers were added. Packaged cells were also installed at both plants, to provide approximately 400 tons of free cooling during extremely cold weather.

LocationAmherst, Massachusetts

ServicesDistrict Energy

MarketHigher Education


Architect's Newspaper Best of Design in Infrastructure

Boston Society for Architecture Honor Award for Design Excellence

North Plant and Polymer and ISB Chiller Plant UpgradesUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst