University of South Carolina

Campus-Wide Condition Assessment and Utility Master Plan

RMF worked with the University of South Carolina to develop a comprehensive assessment and strategic master plan related to the renovation and/or renewal of the existing utility plants and associated distribution systems on the main campus.

RMF also provided a hydraulic model for evaluating the capacities and reliability of the existing steam and chilled water distributions. An evaluation was performed to analyze the potential of interconnecting the four individual chilled water systems.

LocationColumbia, South Carolina

ServicesDistrict Energy, Thermal & Electrical Utilities

MarketHigher Education

Multiple options were developed to address the capital renewal and capacity needs identified for each existing system. Each option was analyzed and prioritized based on return on investment, life cycle costs and budget constraints. The results of all the individual assessment evaluations were combined to create a detailed implementation plan. The implementation plan included a schedule and associated cash flow for each system recommendation that is aligned with the University growth and planning. The necessary electrical replacements were also prioritized for a safe and reliable system.

In total, RMF surveyed and inspected:

4 energy plants,

17 steam manholes,

15 steam and chilled water manholes,

12 chilled water manholes

7 boilers

6,300 ft of utility tunnel distribution for steam, chilled water and electrical systems

26 electrical vaults

All building transformers (approximately 75) and main substations

Campus-Wide Condition Assessment and Utility Master PlanUniversity of South Carolina