Designing for Community Impact

We have had the privilege of working on diverse, essential civic ventures, and we understand the significance of these foundational spaces on shaping everyday lives. We also recognize the importance of engaging local partnerships to inform our process, ensuring our designs will continue to serve those that rely on them for years to come. From K-12 schools and libraries to airports, parks, and wellness centers, we design lasting building systems and municipal infrastructure networks that keep communities active and thriving, directly informed by the community members themselves.

Our Listen-First Approach

Mutual trust is our number one priority, and we value the impact of sharing a collective vision and goal on the outcome of any community gathering space or vital civic institution. Our process begins by understanding your past challenges and new aspirations, partnering with you from the initial phases of the project to coordinate with ownership, as well as the design and construction management teams, to help you imagine what is possible. We both work within the current budget and provide options to include later with additional funding. Together, we will carefully plan the project timeline in order to minimize business disruptions and keep operations up and running.

Preparing You for the Unpredictable

The depth of our full-service experience and the geographic reach of our portfolio has equipped us to expertly navigate complexity. Our designs have successfully supported the imperative reliability needs for critical civic services such as emergency dispatch operations, data centers, redundant utility distribution, and stand-by emergency distribution. We are trusted for thoughtful, creative, and multi-faceted solutions for effectively mitigating potential points of failure and providing safe environments for people to live, work, and play.