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Commissioning and Construction Quality Management Projects

RMF offers Construction Quality Management (CQM) Services to ensure construction is performed according to plans and specifications on time, within the budget and in a safe work environment. It is a proactive service that can prevent mishaps and deficiencies from occurring during construction. RMF’s CQM projects for the National Institutes of Health have included: 

  • Building 11 Chiller Replacements
  • Building 12 Data Center Renovations
  • Cogeneration System Heat Recovery Steam Generator Replacement
  • Dept. of Laboratory Medicine Sterility Laboratory Renovation
  • National Cancer Institute TIL Cell Processing Modular Facility
  • Clinical Center / Department of Transfusion Medicine Cell Processing Modular Facility
  • Building 10 Epoxy Paint Coatings
  • Thermal Energy Storage System
  • Industrial Water Storage System
  • Cogeneration System Black Start Generators

    LocationBethesda, Maryland

    ServicesCommissioning & Construction Quality Management

    MarketFederal Government


    ENR MidAtlantic’s Best Project - National Institutes of Health NCI Building T30 Cell Processing Modular Facility

    Throughout our 32+ years performing formal commissioning services, RMF has helped Owners, Designers and Contractors identify and troubleshoot various types of HVAC and energy management control systems. RMF does this by selecting and utilizing its team members to help find a solution based on the type of problem. RMF’s dedicated commissioning team members have extensive experience as facility and plant operators, construction inspectors, equipment installation and programming controls systems specialists, licensed master electricians, master plumbers, code inspectors, etc. and are trained and accredited by organizations such as ASHRAE, BCxA, ACG, ASCE and ASME.

    Clinical Center Pharmacy and P-IVAU Renovation
    The NIH Clinical Center (CC) Pharmacy occupies approx. 10,000 SF in the Southeast Wing of the Clinical Research Center. The existing space consisted of inpatient and outpatient service areas, waiting areas, drug prescription packaging/processing areas, inventory storage areas, offices, breakrooms and lavatories. The original pharmacy at NIH was ready for a modernization to stay compliant with the newest FDA regulations. The purpose of the project was to renovate the existing pharmacy and re-establish all pharmacy services to support the Clinical Center. The new pharmacy is completely automated, using robotic equipment to prepare and deliver patient medicines.

    RMF’s team included subject matter expert consultants who provided project management services for preparing bridging documents for design/build RFP procurement of the renovated space. In addition, RMF provided Construction Administration, Construction Progress Meetings, CQM & Commissioning services.

    This renovation provided NIH with a state-of-the-art Clinical Center Pharmacy that supports all functions and research within the clinical center. Many iterations occurred for developing the layout of the space. The project involved several different NIH departments in addition to the Clinical Center Pharmacy and ORF and was required to meet NIH Chapter 13 DRM requirements in addition to FDA approval.

    Commissioning and Construction Quality Management ProjectsNational Institutes of Health