Chatham County

Emergency Management and 911 Communications Center

The population of Chatham County is estimated to double in the next 10-15 years, putting additional pressure on the emergency management system. The existing emergency management center, while adequate, lacked surge capacity and classroom space. In addition, the space was shared and needed to be broken down for other uses at times. The facility’s warehouse was also several miles away, and there were issues with the adequacy of the 911 facility, including an inadequate grounding system.

LocationPittsboro, North Carolina

ServicesMEP Building Engineering


Existing building did not meet current code requirements for emergency operations center. Structure could not withstand winds over 200 mph and mechanical and electrical systems did not have required redundancy in their existing systems. The County determined there was a need for a new Emergency Management and 911 Communications Center where all emergency functions would be centralized in one location. The new facility houses a dedicated, larger space for briefings, as well as spaces for call center functions, training, amenities (showers and sleeping quarters), expanded storage, and vehicles. 

The facility contains both the County’s Emergency Management and Emergency Communications Agencies. RMF provided the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, as well as fire protection, energy management, HVAC, lighting, security and access control engineering services. 

Emergency Management and 911 Communications CenterChatham County