US Army Corps of Engineers

Fort Meade East Campus Buildings Commissioning

RMF provided Commissioning support to the East Campus Integrated Program Office (ECIPO), US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) at Fort Meade, MD in conjunction with the construction of the East Campus Building 2 (ECB2), ECB2 Generator Yard and the East Campus Building Marine Corps (ECB MC) Facility. The projects consisted of an operations facility of approximately 845,000 GSF for over 3,000 personnel, as well as an expanded parking structure (>1,000,000 GSF).

RMF is currently supporting the East Campus Building 3 (ECB3) and Campus Building 4 (ECB4) project with commissioning and focused reviews of project documents and submittals. RMF is also providing Construction Phase Commissioning Services and Functional Performance Testing Oversight.

As the commissioning agent for USACE, RMF provided oversight of the contractor’s various commissioning agents for the following systems being commissioned: electrical power infrastructure, SCADA system and its interconnection into the campus system, mechanical and fuel oil infrastructure, the plumbing, HVAC and mechanical control systems and fire alarm system integration into the campus fire alarm system.

Size>1,000,000 SF

LocationFort Meade, Maryland


MarketFederal Government

Fort Meade East Campus Buildings CommissioningUS Army Corps of Engineers