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Harold L. Martin Sr. Engineering Research and Innovation Complex

NC A&T State University’s (NC A&T) new Harold L Martin, Sr. Engineering Research and Innovation Complex (ERIC) is the culmination of the University’s effort to attract and retain the brightest minds in research, teaching and student body. This four-story, 130,000 SF facility is the result of the College of Engineering’s vision to serve as a physical representation of NC A&T’s strength, leadership and adaptability. The College hopes the research interactions and experiential learning environments the building offers will drive innovation and increase the quality and number of corporate and federal partnerships to fund research with the University and College of Engineering. 

The facility is striving for LEED Silver Certification.

Size130,000 SF

LocationGreensboro, North Carolina

ServicesMEP Building Engineering

MarketScience & Technology

Creating environments in which innovation and cutting-edge discoveries are nurtured and accelerated is important to all of us. The Engineering Research and Innovation Complex is designed with that goal in mind.

Robin N. Coger, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering

The biggest challenge in the design of the ERIC was ensuring the building could adapt to the varied and unknown research projects developed in the building now and in the future. RMF met this challenge by leaning on our over 20-year history of working with NC A&T to understand the University’s vision and goals. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were designed to be robust, have redundancy and sufficient excess capacity for future program changes.

The new building, with its downtown facing orientation, is now the gateway to the greater Greensboro community, and stands prominently as a symbol of the NC A&T’s commitment to innovation.

Your work effort has consistently kept our projects on schedule, within budget, and results in quality construction.

Andy M. Perkins, Jr.

Associate Vice Chancellor.

Harold L. Martin Sr. Engineering Research and Innovation ComplexNorth Carolina A&T State University