Randolph Macon College

School of Nursing

A new 30,000 SF, three-story School of Nursing is complete with state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, classrooms, and administration areas. Originally, the project was designed to have the third floor as a shell space, but after further analysis, a fit-out was designed during construction, so that the entire building would be complete. 

The campus' chilled water and steam lines were extended to the building, which included relocating some steam lines in the area where the building was built. The chilled water distribution pumps were designed to circulate the water to the building air handling units. Steam to heating exchangers were designed to generate the hot water for the building and then the heating water distribution pumps were designed to circulate water throughout the building.

Size30,000 SF

LocationAshland, Virginia

ServicesMEP Building Engineering

MarketHigher Education

The mechanical system utilized a variable air volume (VAV) system with hydronic re-heat and the terminal boxes were located to create desired control zones. Two air handling units were placed in a mechanical penthouse with a common space between to provide access to the equipment. A crossover-type energy recovery unit in which air passes over a polymer membrane was used to pre-treat the outside air to the air handling units. 

School of NursingRandolph Macon College