February 22, 2023

Stefan Domby Informs Prospective Tenants on Office-to-Lab Conversions

RMF’s Stefan Domby, project manager for the firm’s Baltimore Buildings division, offers his expertise to Lab Design News in an article titled “Office-to-Lab Conversions: What to Consider Before Signing a New Lease.”

Today’s commercial real estate climate lends itself to an expanse of office space vacancies across the country; however, the life sciences sector is capitalizing on this and repurposing the open buildings. Even so, the spaces available for these office-to-lab conversions are typically not found in the most modern facilities with the latest technologies and systems, posing challenges and questions for lab managers. In his article with Lab Design News, Stefan speaks to the shortfalls these older structures present and the best approaches and solutions that can be implemented to ensure their success.

With any renovation, there are pros and cons to be weighed and this especially holds true when accounting for the critical nature and space conditions of laboratories. Read on to learn more about how collaborating with highly skilled engineering teams can help approach these conversions through more informed decisions so that lab managers can accommodate their needs for the future and reduce potential obstacles along the way.

To read the full publication, please visit the Lab Design News website.