May 22, 2023

RMF’s Female Leaders Offer Insight on Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Engineers

When it comes to engineering, women are under-represented and falling short in the pool of candidates securing positions in the industry.

Why are women joining the field and how can we better recruit them? In the FacilitiesNet article by Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor, she explores these questions and champions the voices of three of RMF Engineering’s talented female trailblazers at the firm. RMF’s Beth Crutchfield, PE, LEED AP, Principal and Division Manager of the South Carolina office; Martha Larson, Director of Sustainability; and Elizabeth Nolder, PE, Principal explore their individual experiences and offer insight on the importance of mentoring young female leaders and showing women the positive aspects of engineering. By pursuing a career in this arena, women can still be creative, have a voice, and not sacrifice other important aspects such as a work-life balance.

See how women can overcome the stereotypes and have just as equal of a place at the table as their male counterparts. View the full article here:

Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Engineers

From: Women in FM: Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Engineers, FacilitiesNet