November 03, 2023

RMF's Elizabeth Nolder Joins with Charters Brothers Construction to Discuss the University of New Hampshire's Infrastructure Renewal

Infrastructure Renewal and Modernization at The University of New Hampshire. 

Colleges and universities across America are rolling out the red carpet to keep up with the latest trends and student demands, particularly when it comes to stimulating enrollment. As they step up to attract the latest crop of college entry students through new state-of-the-art academic facilities and research amenities, many are battling with aging infrastructures that need to be realistically addressed through utility renewal projects. 

In the Fall 2023 Spaces4Learning article titled, “Enabling the Future of the Campus Experience,” RMF Principal Elizabeth Nolder joins together with Brad Charters, Principal, and Michael Bean, Vice President of Project Management at Charters Brothers Construction, to discuss their collaborative strategy and lessons learned on the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) campus renewal and modernization project.

Learn more about how they embarked on one of UNH’s most significant infrastructure improvements by viewing the full article here: 

Enabling the Future of the Campus Experience: Infrastructure Renewal and Modernization at The University of New Hampshire.

From: Higher Ed Feature, Campus Infrastructure: Enabling the Future of the Campus Experience, Spaces4Learning (Fall 2023)