November 23, 2022

Matthew Boatwright Elaborates on How Thermal Distribution Systems Serve as a Crucial Bridge Between Civil and Mechanical Engineering Systems on Campuses

RMF Project Manager Matthew Boatwright provides his expertise to Facilities Net in the November 18 article titled “Earth and Energy. Bridging the Gap Between Civil and Mechanical Challenges of Thermal Distribution Systems.

In his editorial, Matt elaborates on the often overlooked underground thermal distribution systems that are out of sight and mind yet serve as a critical bridge between civil and mechanical engineering systems on campuses. Without careful consideration of the symbiotic relationship between these systems and their mechanical and civil counterparts, campus buildings suffer, as do the people who inhabit them. While thermal distribution systems have been around for quite some time, there are still misunderstandings of how they need to be designed and installed and they still present stakeholders with headaches. Matt Boatwright elaborates on the following insights that highlight the importance of balancing traditional earthwork and utility approaches with mechanical system nuances:

  • Installing + Staging on campus
  • Optimizing Thermal Distribution
  • Testing Systems
  • Economic Considerations
  • Understanding Risk versus Reward

View the full article on the Facilities Net website.