April 15, 2021

Keeping the Lights On: Thoughtful Planning to Ensure the Success of Upgrades to Active Campus Electrical Systems

What is the one major utility that a campus cannot live without, even for a few minutes? Electricity.

In today’s world, the reliance on computers, the Internet and cell phone – not to mention lighting, security systems and district energy plants – is the vastly increasing; and reliable power is the driver in the way everyone does business.

With the explosion of college-age baby boomers in the 1970s, a significant number of university and college campuses enjoyed large periods of growth. However, boomers brought with them very few devices requiring electricity. Fast forward 50 years, and now many campuses have electrical infrastructure that is at or beyond its useful life but was never designed for today’s needs. Cables, transformers and switches have a finite life and eventually wear out.

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