University of New Hampshire

Underground Utilities Relocation

Representing the most significant infrastructure improvement in the University of New Hampshire's (UNH) recent history, RMF recently completed a major project involving the relocation of a substantial portion of the campus hydronic loop piping which was housed in a failing system of underground utility tunnels. The project began with a comprehensive condition assessment of the campus' tunnels. RMF's relocation strategy emerged as an efficient and cost-effective solution to the challenge, and has evolved into an integral component of the university's long-term master plan.

Leveraging its experience in unique underground utility distribution systems and in-depth knowledge of the challenges and considerations when working on a college campus, RMF derived from its assessment the full spectrum of repairs required and the associated costs, presenting UNH with a complex mix of findings. Ultimately, the university opted to abandon-in-place a portion of the tunnel beneath an older structure that was already slated for demolition and relocate the active utilities in direct buried piping in a new location – adding an additional layer of complexity for the RMF team, given the congested nature of the existing underground utilities.

LocationDurham, New Hampshire

ServicesThermal & Electrical Utilities

MarketHigher Education

Providing civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design and construction administration services for the relocation, RMF developed a highly coordinated, phased plan for the move in order to minimize the impact on campus.

Situated beneath the heart of the Durham campus, RMF's new underground utility design included over 800 linear trench feet of steam, condensate, dual temperature water supply and return, and concrete encased duct bank to replace a critical section of the campus loop immediately outside of the Combined Heat & Power Plant. Coordination with existing underground utilities was critical for the design and construction of the new distribution piping and a large cast-in-place concrete vault for tees and valves. Complex connections to the existing infrastructure were made within the Plant, Pettee Hall, Morrill Hall, College Road Tunnel, and Library Way Tunnel.

Underground Utilities RelocationUniversity of New Hampshire