Community College of Baltimore County

Carol D. Eustis Center for Health Professions Building

The new four-story, 120,000 SF Carol D. Eustis Center for Health Professions building provides labs, classrooms, and offices for CCBC’s Health Professions departments and an expanded 140-seat testing center with sections for adaptability, including eight reduced-distraction testing rooms for special needs students. CCBC Essex Health Professions housed in the building include Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Emergency Medical Technology, Physician Assistant, Massage Therapy, and Medical Laboratory Testing.

Size120,000 SF

LocationEssex, Maryland

ServicesMEP Building Engineering

MarketHigher Education

Highlights of the new building included simulation labs with computer-controlled mannequins that can mimic patient conditions; a home environment simulation lab for “real world” emergency response practice; debriefing rooms for students to view colleagues in simulation labs or their own performance; an Academic Conference Center with adaptable layouts for team-based learning with instructor-led broadcast capabilities; small spaces for students for individual, group study or supplemental instruction, simulated exam and hospital patient rooms, and a cross-discipline simulation lab which can mimic emergency room station conditions.

RMF’s work included providing chilled and hot water supply through the ground floor mechanical room, four rooftop central station air handling units, air supply distributed by supply ductwork to standard and fan powered VAV Boxes, IT and telecommunication spaces with cooling by small DX split systems, dedicated exhaust air system to serve all restrooms, four-inch backflow protected incoming water service for domestic water, lab / medical gas systems, an extensive sub slab drainage system, two storm water services, an eight-inch sanitary services collecting 12 waste, and vent stacks and lighting design.

Carol D. Eustis Center for Health Professions BuildingCommunity College of Baltimore County