November 23, 2021

Colleges & Universities Head Back to Class For A New Lesson In Efficient Building Design

Traditionally, colleges and universities have led the pack when it came to designing and building sustainable buildings, combining efficient energy systems and cost-effective designs.

In a recent six-part MEP roundtable series for Construction Specifying Engineer, RMF Project Engineer Luke Richards, PE shared his insight into how the design of higher education facilities has continued to evolve in recent years and how nearly every aspect of design, from power, to fire safety, to HVAC, is experiencing new innovations and change. He discusses how schools have been showing a steadfast commitment to sustainable standards including LEED and Green Globes certification, while simultaneously balancing long-term effectiveness with up front costs. Luke also dives into why going above code is the new normal and how a state-of-the-art design can translate into a marketing advantage for today’s modern institutions, even as the pandemic creates ongoing uncertainty.

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