Strobic fan replacement for a hospital in South Carolina.
Strobic fan replacement for a hospital in South Carolina.
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RMF Shares the Keys to Successfully Updating MEP Infrastructure in Rural Hospitals

As large healthcare systems continue to acquire smaller rural hospitals, the first step is often to upgrade and renovate the existing infrastructure. Typically, these buildings are outdated and need significant improvements to meet today’s modern medical needs. But how can such extensive work be done in a way that is thoughtful, economical, and considerate for both the patients and staff? And what’s the best way to determine which renovations to prioritize and bring these older buildings up to code?

In a recent article for Building Design + Construction, RMF’s Beth Crutchfield, PE, LEED AP, Jonathan Eveleth, PE, CEM, LEEP AP, and Gregory Hudson, PE, share their detailed insight into the best way to approach and update the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure of aged healthcare buildings. The team also shares the best ways to begin the renovation process, meet current regulatory standards, determine the hospital’s ultimate goals as a healthcare provider, and techniques that can ensure any updates won’t exceed the needs of the community or overwhelm the skills and resources of the building’s support staff.

Read the full article at BD+C University.

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