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Term Contract for Virginia Laboratory Facilities


The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS), a division of the Virginia Department of General Services, was formed in the early 1970’s combining laboratories from several Virginia agencies to provide more efficient and cost-effective testing on everything from sensitive evidence of domestic terrorism, to CDC High Containment Overflow Capacity, to Fuel Octane Ratings to Commonwealth Lottery Fraud. DCLS provides these services to a wide variety of agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia including local government, state and federal law enforcement, emergency response, health, and environmental protection programs to help ensure the safety and health for Virginia’s citizens and environment.

RMF was contracted by The Virginia Department of General Services for a multi-year Engineering Services Term Contract to support of the continuing, critical work at DCLS.  Task orders under this contract specifically respond to design and operational issues associated with DCLS’ laboratory and research facilities. With a goal of maintaining the highest level and quality of response, DCLS’ facilities must constantly be in the highest state of tune and updated with the most robust building infrastructure technologies available.

Task orders through this contract have included:

  • Biotech 6 Building Overall Building Deficiencies Assessment and Recommendations for Correction
  • NIH Lab Facility Inspection Assistance
  • Metals Lab Exhaust Air System Improvements
  • Biotech 6 Building Consolidated Server Room Upgrades Planning and Design
  • Planning for Pre and Post PCR/Newborn Screening Suites
  • BSL-3 Suite Renovation Planning, Design and Commissioning
  • BSL-4 Suite Systems Operational Evaluation
  • Standby Power Exhaust System upgrades
  • Drug Abuse Lab Plumbing Modifications

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