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New York Statewide Engineering and Commissioning


Since 2005, RMF has been continuously under contract with the New York State Office of General Services to provide engineering and commissioning services on several term contracts. RMF’s first five-year contract with NYOGS was for complete design and construction services for the replacement of primary electrical site distribution systems, electrical switchgear and electric generators at various correctional facilities throughout the state. Because of the sensitive nature of operations at these facilities, existing power to buildings could not be interrupted except for the time required for reconnections during the power switch over. RMF was awarded this contract for a second term in 2012.

RMF’s second contract with NYOGS involved the commissioning and re-commissioning of steam and hot water heating plants for various New York State owned facilities. The intent of these projects was to identify and quantify improvements such as energy savings, reduce operations and maintenance costs, identify safety concerns, and recommend remedial action steps.

Engineering Highlights

  • Over 100 individual task orders have been executed during this period at dozens of OGS facilities throughout the state.
  • The work typically included upgrading existing 2400 and 4800 volt primary system(s) to 13.8 kV primary selective radial system(s), new 13.8 kV switchgear and generators, upgrading and replacing older primary feeders to 15 kV and replacing associated duct banks, adding cubicles to existing 15 kV switchgear, and upgrading transformers at various buildings.
  • Upgrades to Emergency Generator at the Auburn Correctional Facility: The upgrade included the addition of two 2.25 MW diesel gensets in a walk-in enclosure and modifications to the existing outdoor switchgear for use as a paralleling switchgear.
  • Primary Feeder Upgrades (5 kV to 15 kV) at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility: The age and the condition of the distribution system necessitated an extensive system upgrade including the addition of 19,000 linear feet of 3-phase 15 kV cable, and the replacement of portions of the manhole and ductbank system.
  • Acceptance Testing & Commissioning Documentation of Two Steam Turbine Generators (1.5 MW each), Two Diesel Generators (2.25 MW each), & Switchgear at the Clinton Correctional Facility: Performed on-site testing and commissioning of two new 1500 kW rated steam turbine generators and associated ancillary equipment. RMF identified system improvements including improved speed control, re-rating of turbines and reducing intentional steam venting.
  • Arc Flash Hazard Study at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center: Analysis included the survey of over 600 pieces of electrical equipment and updates to equipment in electrical services rooms. RMF also completed the subsequent design to correct deficiencies identified in the study, which incorporated the most practical and cost effective improvements.

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