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Old Jordan Hall HVAC Infrastructure Replacement


According to Thomas Jefferson, medical education was to become part of the curriculum and the general education at the University of Virginia (UVA), and the “School of Anatomy and Medicine” was one of the original eight schools authorized by an Act of the General Assembly, passed January 25, 1819, and opened on March 7, 1825. Today, the UVA Health System serves as one of the major acute-care referral institutions in central and western Virginia. The Health System comprises all of the direct patient care areas and the educational enterprise.

At the heart of this prestigious medical institution teaching space is the Harvey E. Jordan Hall, commonly known as Old Jordan Hall (OJH), a seven-story structure that houses the lecture halls and laboratory facilities for the preclinical phase of the medical curriculum at UVA. Academic offices and research laboratories are provided for the departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology.

OJH’s mechanical and electrical systems have deteriorated severely over the years, and were in dire need of replacement for the building to function properly for the program space contained within.

The Solution

RMF was contracted to renovate the 260,000 SF OJH’s entire building infrastructure. This ongoing project includes the total replacement of obsolete mechanical systems for building HVAC and laboratory exhaust, as well as installing a new diesel generator to double the availability of emergency power within the labs. Critical to the design is the phasing of the work to allow all research spaces to remain occupied and fully functional throughout the construction process.

Engineering Highlights

  • Replacement of 7 CV AHU’s, serving the basement and research floors, with 5 larger VAV units in a manifold configuration that will provide common backup.
  • Phased replacement of supply air distribution ductwork up to individual service connections to occupied spaces.
  • Replacement of 3 AHU’s and associated return fans serving lecture rooms.
  • Replacement of 2 supply fans and 2 rooftop exhaust fans that ventilate the utility chases.
  • Replacement of all ductwork associated with these systems that are located within the Basement Equipment Room, utility chases and perimeter corridor ceiling spaces.
  • Replacement of over 250 room and fume hood exhaust risers and their associated rooftop fans, with a manifolded exhaust system.
  • Additional renovations to steam/condensate, heating/chilled water, emergency power and structural systems to support the new infrastructure.

Technology Leveraged

The design and construction documents were developed from the onset of the project utilizing AutoCAD MEP 3D software. This allowed for the significantly congested areas within the mechanical rooms and chases to be modeled for designing the phasing and for verification of clearances and logistics with the Construction Manager at Risk for the project.

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