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New Harbor View Elementary School


The new Harbor View Elementary School is an energy efficient, high performance school that was designed to replace an older, underperforming building. The 87,000 SF school contains classrooms, a science facility, a music room, new computer technology and media center, and a combination cafeteria and multi-purpose room.

The building was designed to achieve a minimum LEED Silver Certification from the USGBC.

Engineering Highlights

  • High efficiency water source heat pump systems were included to meet the space heating and cooling needs
  • The ventilation air requirement was decoupled from the fan coil system, and was provided by multiple dedicated outdoor air handling units that utilize total enthalpy wheels for energy recovery
  • The entire building is tied together with an integrated controls system that will allow remote monitoring and control so the building can be operated at its optimal conditions
  • RMF’s electrical scope of work for the project includes the provision of all electrical systems including power, lighting, fire alarm and special systems
  • The building will be fully sprinkled by an automatic wet sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13

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