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New Cane Bay Middle School


The new 118,000 GSF Cane Bay Middle School is located on the property adjacent to the existing Cane Bay Elementary School at Cane Bay Plantation in Summerville, SC.  Design of the facility and materials are similar to the existing elementary school in order to bring a campus feel to the students and teachers.

The school serves over 800 students in grades 5-8, and interior spaces include classrooms, science laboratories, a media center, cafeteria and gymnasium.  A few unique features to this school are the terrazzo floors in all corridors, and a contained courtyard that will allow for outdoor classrooms as well as large school-wide events.

Engineering Highlights

  • The MEP systems are located on a mechanical mezzanine above the corridor, which allows the systems to be easily and safely serviced by facilities staff without interrupting the students
  • A four pipe fan coil system for this school was utilized to allow all of the first floor space to be useable by students and teachers
  • The project utilizes thermal ice storage for energy savings, which takes advantage of off-peak electrical rates by making ice at night, then using the ice during the day to satisfy the building’s cooling load
  • The ice storage allowed for the chillers to be downsized reducing first cost, and also energy costs over the life of the building
  • RMF’s electrical scope of work for the project includes the provision of all electrical systems including power, lighting, fire alarm and special systems
  • The building will be fully sprinkled by an automatic wet sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13

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