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Marrington Middle School Addition/Renovation


Marrington Middle School is an existing 77,490 SF School of the Arts facility located on Joint Base Charleston – Naval Weapons Station.  The school has an enrollment of 400 students in grades 6-8, and this project included adding a multi-purpose building that can jointly be used by the elementary and middle schools.

The multi-purpose building is a new 26,000 SF addition, with approximately 11,000 SF of the existing facility also being renovated as part of the project.  The addition/renovation provided a gymnasium, performance area and auditorium, locker rooms, and classrooms for drama, dance, chorus and strings.  Renovations to the existing gymnasium and locker room spaces converted them into art and band classrooms, and a minor renovation to the cafeteria was included in the project as well.

Engineering Highlights

  • The classroom spaces are conditioned by highly efficient packaged air cooled rooftop heat pump units, each provided with an energy recovery wheel to pre-treat the ventilation air, resulting in a reduced heating and cooling loads and energy usage
  • A semi-custom Air Handling Unit (AHU) was provided to condition the auditorium, and is a constant volume, variable temperature air handler that uses a combination of energy recovery and control methods to provide a comfortable environment while minimizing energy consumption
  • A total energy recovery wheel is used to pretreat the large volume of required ventilation air due to the high occupancy load in the space
  • Using CO2 sensors and a modulating outdoor air damper, the air handler is able to reduce the volume of outdoor air needed when the space is not fully occupied, and is provided with a hot gas reheat coil that utilizes waste heat from the cooling coil to provide dehumidification control

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