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Utilities Master Plan

The University of Maryland was experiencing significant growth and required a plan for the expansion of its utilities infrastructure through 2050, with a more detailed plan for the immediate 15 year phase. The University also signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, and required a plan to meet carbon reduction goals.

The utility master plan evaluated the existing steam, chilled water, electrical, domestic water, sanitary, and storm water systems, and provided recommendations for upgrades based on life cycle costs and sustainability factors. With the goal of increasing reliability and critical support throughout the campus, RMF evaluated options to improve the campus electrical distribution system, including adding an express feeder from the cogeneration plant to main substation and relocating existing critical loads to an emergency feeder.

RMF’s team prepared a, “Total Water Solution,” allowing the university to reduce its reliance on potable water and to become environmentally restorative. The analysis included stormwater best management practices, dual water distribution and collection systems, reclaimed water treatment, and storage facilities. Stormwater systems were planned to promote natural hydrology and improve the water quality of stormwater discharge.

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