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TTC Nursing & Science Building


Trident Technical College (TTC) is a public, two-year, multi-campus community college that provides quality education and promotes economic development in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties of South Carolina.  TTC is the largest provider of nursing education in the Lowcountry, but with old facilities scattered throughout campus, and the expected shortage of RN’s in the near future, the need for a new facility was imminent.

The Nursing + Science Building is a 119,500 SF facility consisting of nursing and science labs, general classrooms, study and meeting space for students, faculty offices and the Nursing Resource Center.  The facility allows for innovative curriculum and hands on training with state-of-the-art patient simulators.  Mock clinical spaces with hospital beds, headwalls with patient monitors and medical gases, and integrated technology for instructor observation and input are all part of this cutting edge training facility.

The project has received LEED Gold certification.

Engineering Highlights

  • Two super high efficiency, variable speed, air cooled centrifugal chillers provide cooling, while two condensing boilers and a solar hot water system provide heating water with an efficiency of 92%.
  • The building is zoned by occupancy load with two custom AHUs providing conditioned air utilizing a demand controlled ventilation strategy, as well as total enthalpy energy recovery wheel.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) fan coil units provide cooling to critical high density load spaces, this allows for the house system to provide back-up to critical high density load spaces and de-energize during the normal unoccupied mode in order to conserve energy.
  • A rainwater and clear water condensate harvesting system provide water for the entire flush valve and irrigation water system, thereby requiring zero potable domestic water usage.
  • A Building Automation System (BAS) monitors lighting, receptacle loads, mechanical chillers and other mechanical equipment, while other energy efficient electrical features include LED lighting, a lighting control system to turn off lighting during unoccupied hours, as well as photovoltaic panels/modules that are located on the exterior parking structure and will be grid connected to the building.

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