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Higher Education

SCSU Engineering & Computer Science Complex


SCSU is committed to providing affordable and accessible quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Founded in 1896 as the state’s sole public college for black youth, SCSU has played a key role in the education of African-Americans in the state and across the nation. Since 1966, it has been open to white students and faculty, but it has largely retained its mission and character as a historically black institution or HBCU.

The new Engineering / Computer Science Complex provides 84,000 SF of new classroom, office, auditorium, workshop and lab space for the university’s engineering and computer science programs. The lower floors accommodate shops for automotive and engine education, construction process education and other hands on workshops.  A hydrogen workshop is also provided to support the research and education on hydrogen fuel cells, as well as a large common auditorium for general education classes.  The upper floors contain general classrooms, offices and wet laboratories including fume hoods.

The building utilizes several energy efficient measures and has attained a LEED Gold Certification. 

Engineering Highlights

  • The building is provided with three, 33,000 CFM custom air handling units serving two main zones, an office zone and classroom/lab zone, the classroom/lab units are manifolded together for redundancy.
  • All three AHUs are Variable Air Volume and utilize VAV terminal reheat units for temperature and pressure control.
  • The workshops are provided with fan coil units in conjunction with ventilation AHUs to introduce code required ventilation air while allowing for flexibility in workshop layout.
  • All air handling units and fan coil units utilize chilled water from a set of air cooled chillers located adjacent to the building.
  • Heating for the building is provided from campus steam and uses steam to hot water heat exchangers to distribute heating water throughout the building.
  • The workshop generating and utilizing hydrogen for the fuel cell education and research is specially designed to protect the users and building from an unintentional release of hydrogen.
  • A new electrical service was provided, and an emergency generator supplies emergency power to the life safety devices in the building.
  • The workshops utilize overhead electrical bus duct for flexibility in workshop layout.

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