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MTC Engineering Technology & Science Building


MTC’s slogan, “You Can Get Anywhere from Here” holds true with this new facility, which provides premier space to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to move into satisfying careers. This building, on the college’s Northeast Campus, also presents an innovative opportunity for enhancing economic vitality by recruiting and retaining regional business expansions through public-private partnerships.

The new Engineering/Science Facility is a five-story, 68,000 SF building, which is the new home of the Engineering and Science departments of the College. The building features teaching labs and classrooms focusing on clean energy technology, hydrogen fuel cell laboratories, biotechnology, chemical engineering and advanced manufacturing, supporting the mission of the College’s regional research partners while educating and training students for tomorrow’s high tech jobs.

Engineering Highlights

  • The building has maximized utility efficiency over direct expansion cooling and electric heating
  • Stand-alone water-cooled chillers, variable primary pumping and induced draft counter-flow cooling towers generate building chilled water
  • Gas-fired heating water boilers generate building heating water
  • Laboratory AHU’s utilize total energy enthalpy heat recovery wheels
  • Expanded the campus medium voltage distribution system, and provided a new pad-mounted transformer and pad-mounted switch
  • New diesel engine generator provides emergency power for the AHU’s, exhaust fans, fire pump and life safety systems
  • High pressure stainless steel piping was required for the hydrogen gas distribution system
  • Received LEED Gold Certification through the USGBC

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