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Harvard Campus Utility System Expansions


RMF has been provided consulting services to Harvard University for a number of years on a range of projects from master planning to campus utility generation and distribution system design. Harvard has partnered with RMF on approximately 100 projects over the years to achieve their goal of maximum systems reliability on their campus, and carefully phased construction processes.

RMF was the prime consultant on the Northwest Plant project which was designed and constructed as part of a $450M science/research facility being built on campus. The utility plant required careful coordination with the design of the science building as the projects were designed by separate teams, but housed in the same facility. RMF performed extensive analysis on the plant equipment to mitigate transmission of vibration to the adjacent labs and research spaces that house sensitive equipment. This project required RMF to be on site throughout construction and assist in the commissioning process to make sure the stringent performance requirements were achieved.

RMF designed the dense utility systems around the Northwest Plant and Northwest Yard which served as a backbone for the River Dorms extensions. The extensions include two new chilled water lines to the new River Dorms, as well as 1,100 feet of new chilled water line installation with very minimal campus disruption. During the design process, RMF evaluated both direct buried and horizontal directional drilling as methods for installing piping through the sensitive area.

Engineering Highlights

  • RMF created a web browser based On Line Operations and Maintenance Manual for the Northwest Plant
  • RMF maintains hydraulic models of Harvard’s Chilled Water system for quick and accurate evaluations as needed by the University
  • 12,500 ton chilled water plant and 32 MVA substation in a new laboratory building
  • 2,400 ton chillers with 5kV variable frequency drives in the Oxford Plant
  • Several thousand foot extension of piping and ductbanks throughout the campus
  • 3D design of the chilled water plant and utility upgrades

Services Provided

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