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Higher Education

Goucher College Athenaeum / Library


Because the pursuit of wisdom at Goucher is fundamental to daily life, the various threads of life have been woven into one signature building. The Athenaeum is the flagship building of Goucher’s campus – a physical hub that is also the figurative heart of their academic community. It represents an important step forward in the evolution of the College, and an exciting new shape for the future of liberal arts education.

The new Athenaeum is a four-story, 103,000 SF, multi-functional facility that features an expansive, modern library along with information technology resources, a radio station, space for performances and lectures, an art gallery, a café, and exercise facilities.   This project also required an expansion to the campus central utility plant in order to support the new building.  Along with the building and central plant mechanical and electrical design, RMF also provided LEED commissioning services for both facilities.

Engineering Highlights

  • Energy conservation features include solar water heating, day light harvesting, light-activated motorized window shades, insulated glass, and motion sensors for lighting, displacement ventilation, and high-efficient mechanical systems.
  • All outside air is pre-conditioned via an enthalpy energy recovery wheel.  This concept provides 50% energy savings from traditional systems.
  • Central utility plant upgrades to support the new building include a new centrifugal chiller, a boiler addition for increased capacity, and an ice chiller and two thermal ice storage units were provided to save on energy costs.
  • Water conservation features include dual-flush toilets, waterless urinals, water-efficient landscaping, and motion-activated faucets.
  • A rain garden planted with shrubs, trees, and herbaceous vegetation helps control the storm water runoff and acts as a natural filter system against pollutants.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) was utilized extensively in the design.
  • The project is LEED Gold Certified through the USGBC.
  • Recognition includes USGBC Maryland’s 2009 Accomplishment Award Winner, and “Project of the Decade” by Green Building of America in 2010.

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