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District Energy Plants 1 and 2

RMF provided the planning and design for a new District Energy Plant (DEP-1) and distribution piping system to provide chilled water and hot water to the new UGA’s Northwest Precinct buildings.

The new 16,000 square foot District Energy Plant was designed for a total nominal chilled water system capacity of 10,000 tons, which will ultimately be provided by four 2,000 ton and two 1,000 ton high efficiency electric-drive centrifugal chillers. Three steam to hot water heat exchangers are also located in the plant.

Next RMF worked with UGA on a phased plan to expand the production capacity of the south campus chilled water system by 6,000 tons. The additional chilled water generation equipment was installed in a new building adjacent to the existing District Energy Plant (DEP-2) located at the intersection of East Campus Rd. and Cedar Street. DEP-2 was being expanded to handle the new building loads added to the south campus loop, particularly the addition of the science learning center which was scheduled to come online in April 2016. Over time, the plant will also absorb capacity void associated with retirement of aging decentralized building chillers.

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