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District Energy Facility

This state of the art 54,000 SF facility will provide chilled water, hot water and electrical power to new buildings using a variety of generation technologies. The switchgear and generator control system is based on Schweitzer Engineering Technologies and facilitates circuit breaker operations, generator load control and load shedding.

RMF provided full time Construction Quality Management (CQM) services to ensure that the highest standards of workmanship and performance were obtained. CQM services included daily site walks and inspections, inspecting critical assemblies (pipe fusion, welds), inspecting materials, equipment and parts deliveries, witness tests, observing disassembles of piping, wiring and conduit, identifying and reporting deficiencies and corrections, maintaining record documentation, problem solving, attending site meetings and preparing minutes, preparing test reports, processing Requests for Information, change bulletins, submittals and pay requests.

The District Energy Facility (DEF) is a new plant to serve heating, cooling, and electricity to a new campus for the University. At the time of competition only one building was under construction. This allowed the Design teams for both the building and DEF to interact and set the building standard for all future buildings being connected to the DEF.

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