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Decarbonization Roadmap

In the fall of 2019, Brown University engaged RMF to develop a strategic implementation plan to help them achieve their 2040 zero emission target. This highly collaborative process, working with multiple stakeholders, has been organized into the six tasks that included reviewing existing plans and operational conditions, hydraulic model verification, analyzing operations of campus buildings, developing scenarios to lower plan operational temperature and develop an implementation plan that includes cash flow analysis. This conversion was projected to help Brown achieve the 75% emissions reduction by 2025.

RMF developed a refined list of renewable fuel options that included analyzing multiple types of biofuel, renewable natural gas and other sustainable fuel sources to help Brown find the best fit and conducted a condition assessment of the existing plant in order to fully understand what would be required in order to complete a fuel conversion and eventually schematic design conversion for the plant once the renewable fuel source had been chosen.

RMF was provided and managed a roadmap for research, selecting and implementing conversion to biofuel at the Central Heat Plant and other locations as warranted. RMF reviewed the available options to achieve the interim 2025 decarbonization goal. The evaluation included financial parameters and benefits operations to Brown. The Conversion to Biofuel must be completed by July 1, 2024 to achieve the 2025 goal of 75% reduction to campus wide GHG’s.

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