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Clemson Greenville ONE Up-Fit


The Clemson Greenville ONE project up-fit approximately 71,800 SF of the ONE development in downtown Greenville, SC.  This project is unique to Clemson in that it is an interior up-fit in a multi-use, multi-tenant, high-rise office building in an urban setting.  Academic programs moving into the facility will include the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Accounting (MA), and Masters in Real Estate Development (MRED).

The project included approximately 16,425 SF on each of floors 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the north tower.  Other Clemson spaces in the building include 1,300 SF on the first floor of the building, and a 4,800 SF roof garden on level 5.  The up-fit will provide faculty/staff offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, flat-floor auditorium, collaboration space, lobby areas, restrooms and various support spaces.

Engineering Highlights

  • Primary heating and cooling for the up-fit floors is provided by Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal units and self-contained air handling units with fan powered terminal units for distribution.
  • Data rooms are provided with water source heat pumps connected to the existing building condenser water loop system.
  • Due to the buildings core and shell design and different tenant uses, code required ventilation was a challenge, the 5th & 6th floors use energy recovery unit with a total energy recovery wheel, while the 7th & 8th floors use a duct mounted inline fan located in each mechanical room with an electric duct heater provided to temper the outside air. On the 7th & 8th floors, tempered ventilation air mixes with return air and is distributed to the floors through the self-contained air handling units.
  • A combination of lighting controls were utilized for different rooms based on occupancy and usage.

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