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Coastal South Carolina has miles of coastline and even larger expanses of coastal marshes, estuaries, pine forests and creeks, and the study of the environmental health of these areas is essential to the citizens South Carolina. The Baruch Foundation is situated on 1,200 undeveloped acres of the Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown, South Carolina.  The Foundation called upon the colleges and universities of South Carolina to this land resource to establish research and teaching programs in forestry, wildlife and marine science.  New construction on the Barony is strictly controlled so that the site remains as undisturbed as possible.

Clemson has been at the forefront of research in this area, and as such needed to expand their presence and research ability. Clemson University’s Institute of Coastal Ecology & Forest Science project consists of the renovation of the existing Baruch laboratory, and the construction of a new 25,000 SF building that is sensitive to the environment it inhabits. The facility contains conference rooms, agricultural outreach space, a smart classroom, staff offices, kitchen, a break room and restrooms.

Engineering Highlights

  • LEED Gold Certified.
  • All outside air is pre-conditioned via an enthalpy energy recovery wheel. This concept provides an estimated 50% energy savings from traditional systems. The outside air volume is significant considering the multi-purpose use of the building.
  • Water conservation features include dual-flush toilets, waterless urinals, water-efficient landscaping, and motion-activated faucets.
  • Additionally, bioswales planted with shrubs, trees, and herbaceous vegetation helps control the storm water runoff and acts as a natural filter system against pollutants.
  • Existing wetlands and forests surrounding the Center were conserved during the building’s construction and delivery.

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