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Building 42 Second Century Plant Renovations Commissioning

RMF provided peer engineering review and commissioning services for the new 40 MW combined heat and power system at MIT. Two 20 MW combustion turbines form the basis of the plant which complement and eventually replace the 25 year old 21 MW system originally constructed in their central plant. The new CHP system includes:

  • Islanding capabilities and black start capability
  • 24,000 SG multi-story plant addition
  • Two 20 MW natural gas and distillate fuel oil fired combustion turbine generators
  • Two Heat Recovery Steam Generators (74,000 PPH each unfired at 215 psig, 450°F and 180,000 PPH with duct firing)
  • New supplemental 13.8 kV utility company (Eversource) electrical feeders
  • New supplemental 13.8 kV electrical power feeds to MIT campus buildings
  • Resiliency features to resist flooding, super-storms and earthquakes
  • New natural gas service

RMF’s responsibilities included peer review of the engineering design from concept to CDs and full on-site commissioning and startup support of the plant including prefunctional performance tests, functional tests, system descriptions, owner’s manuals and project closeout.

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