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MUHA Replacement Hospital Central Energy Plant


The Medical University of South Carolina’s Central Energy Plant (CEP) was designed to initially serve the new Ashley River Tower (ART), as well as future phases of campus hospital development, including the new Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital.  The new CEP houses steam and chilled water generating equipment, and electrical generators required to provide emergency back-up to the new hospitals, as well as the utility distribution to connect the systems to the buildings. The plant was designed for continuous operation in the event of seismic or hurricane/flooding events.

Engineering Highlights

  • RMF Developed anticipated heating, cooling and electrical load demands for all future buildings, which included 13,000 tons of chilled water and 150,000 pounds per hour of steam.
  • Initial build-out included three 1,300 ton high efficiency electric drive centrifugal chillers and three dual fuel steam boilers.
  • 4,000 linear feet of direct buried, pre-insulated chilled water supply, chilled water return, steam and condensate piping ranging in size from 2″ to 30″.
  • 60,000 gallons of fuel oil storage is available on the site and located so that it is safe from flooding.
  • Two 1,500 kilowatt diesel engine generators have been included to provide emergency and standby power to serve the facilities’ critical loads in the event of an interruption in electric service.
  • A new Direct Digital Control system, incremental equipment sizing, variable speed pumps and variable speed cooling tower fans are all innovative methods to optimize energy savings at the Central Energy Plant.

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