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Basic Sciences Building Boiler Replacement

The Basic Sciences Building (BSB) houses the main steam production equipment for the SUNY Downstate Medical Center campus and serves six buildings through a distribution network, Including an active hospital and medical school. Three boilers were installed in 1956 when the facility was originally constructed, and two additional 33,000 PPH boilers were installed in the 1970s. The project replaced the five 60-year-old boilers, replaced auxiliaries, provided a new 480 VAC electrical system, remediated hazardous materials (asbestos), and converted to a reliable back-up fuel source.

Due to campus constraints, the facility was always required to remain operational. RMF developed a phased approach to the remediation, demolition, construction and start-up. Architectural renderings were created of the selected layout of the temporary equipment to reveal the visual impact to the surrounding areas. Once the 75,000 PPH temporary boilers were operational, the team completed the access and demolition into the below grade plant, provided five 40,000 PPH boilers and controls integration.

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