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Camp Lejeune Mechanical and Electrical IDC


*ACASS Rating: Very Good

RMF provided a full range of engineering services for Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base for a 5 year continuous period, while drawing on nearly every type of engineering skill and expertise within the firm’s resources for unusual tasks such as aircraft hangar and airfield lighting modifications, hydraulically actuated bridge repairs, drinking water SCADA system upgrades, and ethanol fueling facilities. A major focus of work was to reduce energy consumption and the emissions of air pollution.

Three combat training swimming pools, which had previously used steam as the primary source of energy to heat the pool water, were retrofitted with flat panel solar powered water heating systems mounted on each building roof to maintain a constant 84°F temperature.

ASHRAE Level II Energy Audits were conducted in 44 separate facilities, and energy conservation measures such as replacement of lighting, controls, transformers, and heating and air conditioning systems were identified with economic justification.

RMF’s process engineers designed the Dust Collection System for aircraft repair shops to prevent the release of hazardous air pollutants during the repair and reconditioning of aircraft components. This relied on a highly effective system of downdraft work tables and booth exhaust collection and filtration throughout eight buildings.

The Aircraft Hangar Door Replacement project required the removal of electronically powered steel doors on 600 linear feet of hangar structure. Each door weighing approximately 6,000 lbs. and 30 feet wide by 30 feet high was designed with flanged wheel and roller bearings carefully balanced to be manually moved by just one person.

Engineering Highlights

  • More than 50 individual task orders, representing $30 million worth of construction projects completed over the five year period.
  • Development of design-build RFP documents for the decentralization of steam systems on six separate sites.
  • Enhancements of the base’s energy security and efficiency.

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