Laura Woodman Price

Laura W. Price

Marketing Manager

With 10 years of marketing experience within the AEC sector, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm. As the Marketing Manager for RMF’s Creative Production Team, Laura’s leadership skills, quick and innovative thinking, and ability to understand and solve challenges help the firm, and the firm’s we partner with, effectively communicate the value RMF can bring to their projects. Laura’s team is responsible for all proactive and reactive marketing material for existing and potential clients including strategic proposal pursuits and project interview preparation. She also manages all the marketing communications efforts including public relations, social media content, graphic communications initiatives such as in-house video content and photography, and various internal communications campaigns throughout each year.

Laura joined RMF in 2013 as a Marketing Coordinator in Baltimore, MD. A few years later she transferred to the growing Charleston, SC office where she quickly became comfortable in her new environment and found that mentorship, and soon after, leadership is where she could make the biggest impact.

“I am passionate about setting my team up for success and finding emotional and intellectual ways to support each team member. I believe this starts with proper onboarding and training along with a positive work environment and effective communication. I aim to build and maintain a high-performing team where each uniquely valued individual can thrive and feel fulfilled in the quality work that we produce.”

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and a minor in Spanish from Towson University. Throughout her professional career, Laura has served as a committee member of SMPS Maryland and board member for SMPS Palmetto. She also serves as a board member for the Women in Healthcare – Charleston, SC chapter, and will serve as Communications Co-Chair.


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