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Ken Pitz


As President of RMF and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ken Pitz is responsible for the general oversight of the firm and executive management of its branch offices. Over the years, Ken has served as COO and even CFO where he has been integral in helping formalize an understanding of how revenue flows into RMF, what business practices were most profitable, and how to optimize the firm’s future based on this data. Ken’s foresight was integral in structuring RMF’s specialty groups as separate business units. This better positioned the firm in terms of profitability, staff education and development, and financial efficiency.

Ken is a seasoned engineer who continues to take a hands-on role with major RMF projects. With expertise in comparative analysis and evaluation of large-scale system concepts, he continues to provide direction to the company’s infrastructure group.

Ken also enjoys the challenge of developing new business opportunities for the firm. Through new business, Ken is able to apply his high level of market understanding, knowledge of client needs, the continuing development of new services, and great enthusiasm for opportunities. He’s committed to RMF’s continued success by building on what the firm can become, rather than what the firm is today.

Ken joined RMF as a project engineer in 1989. He brought with him a business savvy and a set of ideas earned from spending seven years in a well-run heating and air conditioning distributorship. RMF was able to successfully apply some of this experience to improve business practices. This, combined with Ken’s early success on some of RMF’s larger projects, earned him a promotion to the upper management team in 1998.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.


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