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RMF Engineering is currently the only Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) performing in-service inspections of power boilers, heating boilers, and pressure vessels, whose headquarters is in Baltimore, Md. Our inspectors are strategically located around the state to offer a quick response to your inspection needs.

If you have received a notice from the State of Maryland that says you have an overdue object or one that will soon be overdue, please follow the following steps:

1. Identify If Your Object Is Listed As Insured

  • The second page of the notice you received should be a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registration Form.
  • In the block located second from the bottom identifies your current Authorized Inspection Agency.
  • If it lists an insurance company (Hartford Steam Boiler, Travelers, Chubb, Zurich, etc.), then your object is insured and you need to contact that insurance company for your inspection. RMF Engineering cannot perform your inspection.
  • If the block is blank, or it says “MD Uninsured” or “State of Maryland Uninsured”, then your object is uninsured and RMF Engineering can perform your inspection.

2. How To Schedule An Inspection With RMF

Have your notice from the State readily available. Then either:

  • Email your name, address, and the Maryland Registration Number (listed in the notice) for the object(s) you would like inspected along with any questions to You will be contacted to set up an appointment.
  • Call the Inspection Department of RMF Engineering at 717-814-5139 to schedule an appointment with Brian Wodka (Inspection Supervisor). If you reach the voice mail, please do not hesitate to leave a message. Messages are constantly checked and will be promptly addressed.
  • Feel free to contact RMF Engineering for an estimate or with any questions that you may have about your inspection.
    For additional information, click here for the RMF press release about Maryland’s recent change in boiler and pressure vessel inspection policy.

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