Preserving the Integrity of Your Design.

We’re meticulous when it comes to helping owners translate their engineering plans to construction companies. We work diligently to preserve what was put down on paper, ensuring that what was designed is accurately translated to your job site. Our staff of field service technicians come with a long tenure at RMF. This deep history of working together as a team allows us to better interpret, and when necessary, fill in the gaps -- in real time -- on the job site.

Condition Assessments & Metering Services

We are champions when it comes to evaluating the life expectancy, condition, and suitability of your current equipment. We are able to tell you – with great accuracy - whether or not the equipment you are using will work or need replacement. Our metering services are performed by our own in-house team, using our instrumentation. We leverage a barrage of modern technology, including miniature cameras that can be submerged in water or be snaked down pipelines and ductwork. We even own cameras that go inside aircraft. Why? Because we have the experts on staff who know how to use this equipment. For you, this means a turn-key experience coupled with the critical thinking required to complete the testing and investigation work you need to get to the answers that impact your bottom line.

Energy Audit Edict & Benchmarking

With the Federal Government's influx of stimulus money for energy audits and improvements, we recognize the pressure of audits and demands to implement improvements each fiscal year is challenging. And we're well positioned to help you meet those deadlines. We're able to evaluate your existing buildings quickly because we are a one-stop firm that has the manpower and the equipment in-house. In fact, we are one of the few engineering firms that can actually meet your deadlines – with great accuracy – as set forth by the Federal Government. 

High-Tech Buildings Need High-Tech People

We've evaluated every type of building. You name it and we've got it under our belt; Government facilities, high-tech, hospitals, labs, mission critical buildings and systems, and higher education.

Operations & Owner Assistance Training

Count on RMF when it comes to giving you, the owner, confidence and comfort in your building system. We have a long, successful history when it comes to owner training and owner assistance in helping you learn your building's mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. In cases where new systems are involved, we will either create and deliver a printed manual and / or assist you hands-on with the start up. We've been there and done it so many times that we know how to make the process as seamless and as understandable as possible.

Arc Flash Studies & Coordination

As a code standard, the practice of arc flash studies and coordination is only a couple of years old. Many engineering firms are only starting to understand this service. But at RMF, we're on top of arc flash studies and have been for quite some time. We're ready to show you how to deal with potential life-threatening electrical situations where your staff may not know what class suit to wear or how to fix or repair equipment safely.

How We Execute Arc Flash Studies

We determine the arc flash exposure rating of your building by taking an inventory of what's inside your gear. This includes fuses, bus bar sizes, and much more. We compile a detailed survey and input data gathered into complex software programs that determine the exposure levels. We then team up with our in-house engineering specialist to crunch the data. We label your equipment to document what your team needs to know in order to work safely on equipment. In cases where the equipment is sub-standard, we will recommend upgrades and engineer upgrades as you desire.

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